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SAXON'S DISTORTION :  10/26/2021


DARKEST DESIRES :  03/21/2022



    "Desecrated Essence" is the second part of the "Desecrated Duet" by the author C.A. Rene. Told in dual perspectives , this book was the very definition of DARK!!!

    When I read the first part of this duet , I was like… this is not dark at all. If I only knew the type of MindFuck this author was going to give us in the second book!!! She absolutely hit the sixer with this one and I found myself skipping a few scenes because they were too dark for me.

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    Whoa, what a deliciously dark book. This book had me from start to finish flipping pages as I couldn't read it fast enough it was sooo good. These ladies absolutely nailed it with their writing.

    This book is dark and there are scenes where thing's get bloody, so it's not for those with triggers, but those hot af sex scenes are 🔥🔥🔥otherwise if this is your thing reading dark, eff'd up, angsty reads then you'll love this. This is definitely a must read.


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    I did not see all these twists coming!!! What an awesome end to an amazing series!!! These characters are lodged into my soul and they aren't letting go! The character growth in these books is amazing and I loved seeing so many broken people come together and repair each other as a whole.


    I highly recommend this series, and I cant wait for the next series to see where everyone is down the track!! Well done C.A. Rene, this series blew my mind!